SHINSYU is a nickname of our district in NAGANO pref. and we are located in Okaya city surrounded by climbing lovers mountains and about 200km(125Miles) away from Tokyo. The source of the company name SHINAPEX is from SHINSYU and APEX mountain peaks.

Customers' Satisfaction through technical support is the first priority since 1976. We have concreted our sales and services network in Asian Pacific region for more than 30 years with our principals in the field of Metal work's industry. Now we are focusing on Electronics field as well as machine tools business, providing various solutions with our business network cooperation.

Okaya city

Office building and R&D Center
 BROTHER Tapping Center is our key sales product and we achieved total 10,000 over units shipments in Y2007 in our territory though our valued local dealers in Asia.

Our company shall always pursue feasibility studies in respect to prospective projects, coupled with original ideas that could match market and customers?f needs, aiming to achieve meaningful consequences that could clearly demonstrate the significance of our existence.

ADDRESS 21-2, Shinmeicho 3-Chome,
Okaya City; Nagano 394, Japan
TEL: 81-266-22-9192
FAX: 81-266-22-7053
DIRECTORS President H. Maruyama
MAIN BANKS Mizuho Bank, Matsumoto Branch.
SMBC Suwa Branch.
Hachijyuni Bank, Okaya Branch